Ode on a Chinese Abacus


Abacus, sweet Abacus,
Magical computing device!
Whether in decimal or in binary,
Your calculations are so precise.

Solving Addition or Subtraction,
The process is so clear and clean,
Your simple technology is more stunning
Than that of any modern machine.

But wait! There's so much more
This little tray is capable of,
Even in matters of Multiplication and Division,
The suanpan rises above.

Sliding your ethereal beads of Heaven
Or your sturdy beads of Earth,
The delight and tactile pleasure involved
Is almost greater than the arithmetic worth.

Whether Master Abacist or Beginner,
Surely no one would disagree
That this ancient calculator
Was an ingenius mathematical key.

So Goodbye paper and pencil!
Farewell electronic toys!
I'll stick with my trusty Abacus --
A fountain of endless joys.

© eerp