Once there was a caterpillar named Charlie who lived in the Valley of Promises.

     There was nothing observably special about Charlie. He was an average looking caterpillar amidst thousands of others. Like them, he spent the majority of his time crawling from leaf to leaf, eating as much as he pleased, and dozing in the warm sunlight. Life was good and Charlie was happy.

     As you know, there is something very special about caterpillars. From the time they are born, they are aware that something beautiful beyond imagination will one day occur. It is called The Promise.

     Charlie was a believer. For as long as he could remember, he had loved The Promise. Its mystery filled his days and nights with dreams of anticipation.

     In this way, Charlie was special, for his love of The Promise by far exceeded that of any normal caterpillar. He grew more and more impatient in his intense desire to receive its gift.

     One day, as Charlie was exploring the valley, he was attracted by a bright, shiny object lying in the meadow. It was a brown bottle. The sun's rays danced on the glass and gave it an aura of golden splendor. It seemed to beckon Charlie. Filled with excitement, he hurried as fast as he could go.


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