From across the room she can see the clouds begin to form. His vacant stares when they're together, his unresponsive lips, and the indifference in his embrace are all signs of the coming storm.

     A crisp current rushes up her spine as his body turns away on its side. She shivers uncontrollably at its sharp bite, a feeling of dreadful loneliness overcoming her as she lies in silence with him.

     Softly at first, the rhythmic pitter-patter of routine begins until, eventually, it is no longer a gentle shower, but a barrage of stinging droplets. In attempts to shield herself from the piercing rain, she hides beneath an umbrella of denial, not allowing herself to see the disintegration of all she holds dear. She pretends not to notice the wince in his eye as she tells him how much she loves him or the sigh he breathes as she kisses him a soft Goodnight.

     Alas, the umbrella hasn't strength enough and his lightning words strike, shattering the veil and leaving only its tattered fragments. Overwhelmed by the reality seeping in, she loses her footing and is hauled away by the undertow of a flood of despair. She desperately gasps for one last breath as the grief consumes her, but her efforts are failed and she is left alone, drenched in regret and mere memories.

     The storm has passed, now, and a faint rainbow of promise has slowly begun to form. Still, she cannot avoid occasionally stepping in the puddles left behind--remnants of the hurricane that swept away her dreams.


         (c) 1996 --> i wrote this in high school!!