Oh what are we to do, what are we to do
with all this Useful Plainness??
(Ode to an average gal)

What's a girl to do in tennis shoes and casual wear?
A stout, simple figure and naturally-colored hair?
She doesn't care for dancing and she isn't big on flair.
She doesn't drink iced-mochas or wear glitter on her toes--
she prefers a sensible drink and a matte, unpolished glow.
Some say she is boyish, while she's just happy being strong;
forget the lipstick and the party--
she'll work puzzles all night long.
She can't paint or play guitar.
She's neither an actress nor a star.
She admits to being fond of the occasional bubble-bath
and though she won't read COSMO in the tub,
she's even less intrigued by Plath.
She's not a "diva" or a "babe",
hardly a "honey" or a "fox".
In fact, you'll often find her quite unruly,
sometimes donning mismatched socks.
It's not that she's opposed to advances of the romantic kind,
she simply has too many other things to occupy her mind.
Don't feel bad if you've never noticed her
(she's hardly a main attraction!),
for she prefers that those around her
work hard without distraction.
She's not a princess, not a feminist--
you'll find her floating somewhere between the two.
But one thing is for certain--she's responsible and true.